Energy-Lok® Insulation, exclusively* in our DURA-LAST™ Cabinets

Evolution Spas’ patented Energy-Lok® insulating technology incorporates the latest advancements in insulation and efficiency into our DURA-LAST™ cabinets, making them perfect for use anywhere from tropical climates to some of the coldest countries on earth.

Our exclusive manufacturing process injects high density insulating foam between dual walled resin cabinets, allowing for easy access to the spa’s underside. Equipment and pumps are mounted within this insulated area, further reducing operating costs by recycling wasted heat from the pumps.

Energy-Lok® technology results in the quietest and most energy efficient spa available today.

*This feature is not available on our Provincial Cabinets or on our roto-mold unibody spas.



Provincial Spa Cabinet Insulation

Provincial cabinets are insulated with perimeter foam insulation, providing easy access to spa components for service. Internal space allows pump heat to be recycled and utilized by your spa, saving energy and money.