Is it difficult to maintain a clean spa?

To reduce the amount of chemicals used, most Evolution spas are equipped with both an ozonator (or are ozone-ready) and a telescopic, pleated, floating weir, 50 sq. ft. filtration system. Over 90% of contaminants float on the surface of the water (think, suntan oil, etc.) Our advanced filtration cartridge automatically adjusts to water level, cleaning water more effectively for safer, cleaner water. The ozonator water purification system creates ozone which destroys contaminants, reducing the amount of chemicals needed. Follow your preferred chemical regimen and properly test for total alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness and sanitizer levels. These simple tests, regularly done, will keep your spa clean and ready to enjoy!


Should I leave space around the spa for service and maintenance?

We recommend all four sides of the spas be accessible for service. Our suggestion is a minimum of 18-24 inches. This will allow you or a service technician room to access the plumbing and the equipment in case service is needed on your spa. If the spa is sunken or dropped into a deck and access cannot easily be had we strongly recommend an access panel be built into the deck so the service tech can successfully service your spa. If any additional labor is required due to difficult access of the tub, that cost will not be covered under the warranty.