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Sedona 40

Evolution Spas™ Sedona 40, 4-5 Person Spa

Enjoy the soothing, natural health benefits of hydrotherapy in your new Evolution Spa. The Sedona Spa is equipped with 40 powerful Stainless Steel faced jets to massage away stress and relax muscle tension while increasing blood circulation. Relax in roomy, ergonomic, comfortable seating for 4-5 adults.

Evolution’s FORGE-CAST™ insulation system is engineered to deliver the one of the most energy efficient spas on the market. Our patented double-walled construction is fully insulated with high-density, closed cell foam creating a ‘thermal zone’, in which heat is being recycled to heat your spa, saving energy and money! Our elegant DURA-LAST™ resin cabinet is maintenance-free, will not deteriorate or age with time.

Our DURA-LAST™ cabinet is constructed with partially recycled materials and is itself 100% recyclable! Our insulation system results in almost zero release of CFCs into the environment. Our beautiful acrylic shells are reinforced with environmentally sound StrongBond™, an eco-friendly alternative to fiberglass.

Sedona 40

4-5 seat, 40-jet Spa

Available Colors: Sterling Silver (white) with Millstone SlateRock Cabinet

Powerful Hydrotherapy and Energy Savings!

The Most Eco-Friendly Spa on the Market Today

Going ‘green’ doesn’t mean sacrificing power or durability. Evolution offers luxury, energy efficiency, durability and maximum hydro-power… all with a spa cabinet that is 100% recyclable and guaranteed for LIFE!

Relax and enjoy! Your home will become the social center where friends and family gather. Any day can be special with your own personal spa retreat! The Evolution Sedona has 40 powerful stainless steel accented Hydrotherapy Jets. 

Our elegant, faux rock resin DURA-LAST™ cabinet is beautiful yet it is so durable it can be placed on any level, stable, solid surface … even a base of fine stones or gravel will do… saving you hundreds of dollars on install costs!

The most advanced technological innovations in the industry converge in this amazing spa. Unlike other spa frames, the Evolution cabinet will NEVER require maintenance and will be just as beautiful in the years to come as the very first day! The cabinet is impervious to pests and inhibits the growth of bacteria for a cleaner spa, inside and out! Wood frames will rot, warp and are prone to infestations. Steel frames, whether galvanized or powder coated, will rust and weaken but the DURA-LAST™ cabinet will never deteriorate and we guarantee it with the industry’s first LIFETIME WARRANTY!

A Commitment to the Environment
Our patent-pending insulated FORGE-CAST™ system reduces noise and is the most energy efficient technology on the market today. The patent-pending insulated cabinet base and walls have a unique double walled construction that is filled with high-density, closed cell foam – similar to a thermos or freezer. The heat generated by the pumps within this thermal zone is constantly being recycled to heat your spa, saving energy and money!

  • Seating: 4-5 adult seats including cooldown seat
  • Dimensions: 91 x 77 x 36”
  • 1 Total Pump: 4BHP 2-speed high-output HydroDrive™ pump
  • Jet Count: 40 stainless-steel faced 

32 Back Hydro Adjustable Jets

4 Hip Hydro Adjustable Jets

4 Foot Hydro Adjustable Jets

  • Air Controls: 2, for zoned massage
  • Water Controls: 1 for waterfall
  • Weight Dry / Filled: 785 lbs. / 3,090 lbs.
  • Water capacity: 325 USG
  • Electrical: 240 V / 50 A GFCI breaker (not included).

(Electrical connections must be made by qualified and licensed personnel. Improper installations present hazards, which can result in personal injury or property damage. Please contact a licensed residential electrician for these services)

  • Heater: 4kW Stainless-Steel Heater. True all-weather, high efficiency system.
  • Filter: CaptiPure filtration system. Floating weir, 50 sq. ft. filter cartridge, adjusts with water level for cleaner water
  • Shell: Triple-Bond Spa Shells; 2-Level Lucite® Acrylic Shell + StrongBond™ acrylic rigidizing process provides greater shell thickness and strength and uses no environmentally–unfriendly fiberglass. Double-reinforced seats provide stronger, more stable sculpted acrylic seating
  • Cabinet: Lifetime Warranty. Patented DURA-LAST™ Dual-Walled Cabinet System is energy efficient, quiet and is designed to withstand extreme temperatures. Insulated base is 10x thicker than most spa bases for strength and heat retention. Impervious to the elements and pests. (U.S. Pat. 7,784,120).
  • Insulation: Energy-Lok™ insulation system. High-density, closed-cell foam injected into the dual-walled cabinet forming a highly efficient thermal barrier. Our insulation system results in almost zero release of CFCs into the environment. Provides easy access to all spa components for ease of service.


  • Plumbing: Manifold plumbing system for equal pressure through each jet
  • Water Features: Custom-molded waterfall
  • Electronic Controls: Digital controls with backlighting
  • Lighting: programmable digital multicolor underwater light
  • Ozonator: Natural water purification system keeps water cleaner while using fewer chemicals.
  • Headrests: 2
  • Cover: Extra heavy duty 5 in. to 3 in. tapered spa cover
  • Steps: 2-tier spa steps (Snap together. No tools necessary.)

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Please find below downloadable Owners Manuals for our Athena  Spa.


PDF File  Acrylic Spa Owner's Manual 
PDF File  Pre-Delivery Guide 
PDF File  Winterization Guide
PDF File  Shipping Information 
PDF File  Warranty 
PDF File  Spa Components

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Please Note: Electrical Connections must be made by a qualified, licensed residential electrician. Improper installations present hazards which can result in personal injury or property damage and void the warranty on the spa. Please see the Pre-delivery Guide and/or Owners Manual for additional information.

For more information, call the Evolution Spas™ Customer Service at 1-800-787-6649, or email