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Ventura 90 Spa

Seating for 5-6 adults with full body lounger, 2 Captain’s chairs with rollover neck/shoulder jets and an interior step/cooldown seat.

ventura stereo

Marine-grade MP3 pocket with 2 cabinet speakers and 2 topside shell speakers! MP3 player not included.

ventura topdown

Feel the power from your shoulders to your toes in the new Ventura Spa by Evolution Spas! Air and water converge to bring natural, soothing hydrotherapy to tired, aching muscles and joints for an unbeatable massage. The premium efficiency 3-pump system, including our Vector air injection pump, delivers maximum hydrotherapy precisely where you want it! And stunning sound, water and lighting features bring ambience to your spa environment. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ultimate experience in the Ventura 90-jet spa.

A Commitment to The Environment
Our DURA-LAST™ cabinet is constructed with partially recycled materials and is itself 100% recyclable! Our insulation system results in almost zero release of CFCs into the environment. Our beautiful acrylic shells are reinforced with environmentally sound StrongBond™, an eco-friendly alternative to fiberglass.

The Evolution Spas Cabinet – Guaranteed for Life!
Unlike other spa frames, an Evolution Spas resin cabinet will never require maintenance and will be just as beautiful in the years to come as the very first day! Our patented DURA-LAST™ insulated cabinet base and walls have a unique double walled construction that is filled with high-density, closed cell foam for efficiency and easy access to spa components. No digging out foam for routine service!


The Ventura Spa Story


Available in 2 cabinet colors!

ventura main mill

Ventura main

 Evolution Spas